When to Seek Therapy

Working to get back into shape is a good decision, but many health care providers do recommend consulting a physician first. The reason they do this is because each person has a different level of fitness, and they should know before starting how far they can push their body. Some people will be very motivated, but they might work too hard at the start. When aches and pains hit, they will need to know when to seek therapy for them, or if they need more advanced treatment for an injury.

Getting an injury during exercise can set a program back, so it is important to seek professional help when aches and pains occur. If they are sharp and stabbing, the person should consider seeking immediate medical help. For those pains that are dull and feel like nothing more than an ache, speaking with a medical professional can help them determine what needs to be done. Asking about therapy could be a good idea even if an injury is not the cause.